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Caring for Ukraine's Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

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Caring for Ukraine's Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

For the ONE and for the Many

Sophia is 6 years old. When she was 3, her parents' rights were terminated and no extended family was willing to take custody. She was placed in a Ukrainian baby house for special needs children. Last year, she was evacuated from the war zone in eastern Ukraine and is now living in one of our safe locations in the west. But, she is growing up in an institution during the war. She is sentenced to life in an institution unless we do something.

We can do something for this ONE child and a few others like her. We want to open Hope House - a home for up to 10 children with Ukrainian parents trained in trauma-informed care and supported by NHFC.

Can you help us change the future for these children?

Second, we want to help the MANY children in Ukraine traumatized by war and early developmental traumas. We want to train any willing adult - caregiver, parent, teacher, pastor, and professional to learn about trauma-informed care and help children heal, recover, and build hope into their future.

For the one and for the many is our motto as we head into 2024. Can you help us care for these vulnerable children?

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