Thank you for enriching the life of a vulnerable child!

Thank you for enriching the life of a vulnerable child! image

Mentoring a child through NHFC is a minimum of a one year commitment to pray for this child regularly, respond to their letters, and write them a short note each month to help them develop their English communication skills to augment their school curriculum. The children have various levels of English and live in our partner orphanages in Kenya and Haiti. Some of the children are orphaned while others are at the orphanage due to their family being unable to provide food and education.

Each month you will receive a response from the child. We will provide updates about their orphanage and how you can be praying for them. The goal is to provide these children with the opportunity to experience the love of God and the love of family through a committed mentor family relationship that helps them grow and develop. We encourage your whole family to get involved through pictures and writing.

Your financial contribution goes toward working with an English tutor to improve their English as well as critical resources for all of the children in care: school supplies, food, clothing, clean water, and other basic needs as identified by directors, under the accountability of NHFC. We also send NHFC mission teams to our partner orphanages to do Vacation Bible School and bring in necessary resources and supplies.

For less than the cost of going out to eat one night, $35 per month, you will significantly impact a child's life. You will not regret the opportunity to help breathe life and hope into a vulnerable child. It is life changing for everyone involved.

You can select to pay $35 monthly, or you can select a one time annual payment for $420. You may end your commitment at any time, but we do hope, for the sake of the child, you commit to sponsoring them and building a relationship for at least one year. If you plan to end your sponsorship, please let us know ahead of time so that we can help you say good-bye to your child in an age appropriate way.